Nominee Director in Singapore

A foreigner can’t run a business in Singapore if his company has no resident directors. Hiring a local nominee solves the problem. Once you've hired one, you can become a director yourself or appoint another executive from abroad.

We provide Nominee director services for both brand-new companies and existing ones.

Are there risks?

Hiring a nominee is legal according to Part IXA of Singapore’s Companies Act. So you won’t break any laws.

A nominee director is banned from interfering with your decisions. He doesn’t come to the office, isn’t present at negotiations and has no say during internal meetings. The real directors run the company while the nominee is only there to comply with the law.

No deposit needed

Taking a deposit when hiring a Nominee Director has been the industry standard in Singapore. We decided to get rid of it. With valli, you only pay for the service itself.

Why we offer Nominee Services in packages

The Nominee’s powers are limited but his liability isn’t – he can be prosecuted for his company’s breaches of the law. This is why our Nominee Director comes in packages with the Company Secretary. The Secretary ensures your company’s compliance by taking care of the required resolutions. It means we don't need any additional insurances such as deposits and can keep the costs lower for you.

The package approach also saves you time. You don’t have to harmonize services you ordered from different agencies. And you can ask all the questions and receive timely feedback in one single app.

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